Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW

Therapy, Coaching, Mediation and Parent Coordination



How to Avoid Communication Breakdown

When a couple is in the process of a separation they rarely communicate well. Some basic rules can be helpful.

Inclusive Families

Our new Vice President shows us the beauty of an inclusive blended family. It is a wonderfull model for divorced familes.

Pandemic Parenting

Pandemic parenting is a challenge.

Parenting Plans

When couples separate a parenting plan is developed. Will that be the plan that exists forever ?

Getting Along as Co-Parents

It's a tall order to ask parents who are divorced to get along as co-parents, but it's possible. And sometimes, it's even easier than when the couple was married.


Joint custody is sharing the children after divorce, but what does it really look like? And is it good for the kids? This is a question I am frequently asked.

Parent Coordination

Parent coordination is the process where divorced or separated parents meet with a mediator to resolve issues they have with co-parenting their children.



How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Child After Divorce

I am so frequently asked the best way to introduce a new partner to a child after divorce. There is no perfect way, but there are guidelines that can make the introduction easier.

What's the "right" Holiday Schedule

Choosing a holiday schedule for divorced parents can be a nightmare, but with sensitivity it can be manageable. There is no "right" schedule, the one that is best is what works for your family.

Its Holiday Time

What do kids want on holidays? Of course they want gifts, but they also want special experiences, even if they don't know that!


The Thanksgiving Holiday is often very stressful for separated couples. Figuring out the best way to schedule time with families on both sides is often a challenge, as well as dealing with feelings of loss.

Creating a new post-divorce relationship

When parents separate and divorce, they end their marital relationship, but they do not end their parenting relationship. The focus changes. The business of parenting becomes the basis of the new partnership.

What's the "right" Parenting schedule?

When couples split up, everyone wants to know what's the "right" parenting schedule. The answer is simple, there isn't one!

Parenting Styles After Divorce

Many parents have anxiety that they have different parenting styles and that will adversely affect their children after divorce.


Shared parenting can take many forms and as long as a couple gets along reasonably well, it is optimal for children.

Post Divorce Parenting

Post divorce parenting is difficult, but can be done successfully with some structure, cooperation and determination. There are a few important keys to success.