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Now that life is returning to normal, what are the next steps for a happy, healthy and productive summer and fall.

Silver Linings in the Pandemic

20 October, 2020 Barbara Rothberg Relationships

The last few months have been very hard for most of us. Some people have gotten quite sick. Others have been able to avoid sickness but are riddled with anxiety. There are, however, some silver linings.





Gratitude During the Covid-19 Crisis

 While there are definite hardships  during this time of Covid-19, many people are appreciating their time together and having some unexpected positive experiences.



It's a New Year - Time to be Happy

04 January, 2018 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
In the beginning of a new year, everyone has thoughts of what they want and how to achieve it. Everyone wants to be happy. But how easy is that ?

Why Save the Relationship

Relationships can be very difficult. Why is it worth it to try and save it? and when is it necessary to call it quits ?

Being Happy

Happiness is a hot topic these days. Everyone wants to be happy, but do we do what it takes to be happy?

Being Right

Most of us generally want to be right. It feels good to be right. But that doesn't always get us what we want.

It's the New Year !

03 January, 2015 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
At the New Year, it is common for us all to think about the past, present and future and make "resolutions", things we hope that we can do differently in the new year.

Take a Breath

15 October, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships

Relationships are very challenging. No one ever said that being in an intimate realtionship is easy. But there are ways to help make relationships smoother.



Making compromises are not always easy, but often necessary in long term relationships. Sometimes they are fair and someimes they are not.

What's Good Enough ?

19 February, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
The concept of "good enough" is an interesting one. As a positive person I have always been a believer that life isn't perfect, and that's ok.


15 January, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
As parents, as spouses or as friends, we all make mistakes sometime. But how do we deal with the mistakes we make?

Effective Communication

06 November, 2013 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
Effective communication is imperative for any and all relationships whether couples are together and want to strengthen their bonds or if they are apart and want to deal with thier children in postivie ways.

Making Commitments

10 October, 2013 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
Making commitments in relationships and striving to fulfill them create a solid foundation for longevity. Many couples make commitments, but many don't follow through with them.


It's a difficult question with a difficult answer. People are attracted to one another for lots of reasons, some of which are unconscious. Falling in love is a crazy process.