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The Importance of an Amiable Divorce

What really are the benefits of  an amiable divorce?

It's the New Year !

03 January, 2015 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
At the New Year, it is common for us all to think about the past, present and future and make "resolutions", things we hope that we can do differently in the new year.

Its Holiday Time

What do kids want on holidays? Of course they want gifts, but they also want special experiences, even if they don't know that!


The Thanksgiving Holiday is often very stressful for separated couples. Figuring out the best way to schedule time with families on both sides is often a challenge, as well as dealing with feelings of loss.

Take a Breath

15 October, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships

Relationships are very challenging. No one ever said that being in an intimate realtionship is easy. But there are ways to help make relationships smoother.


Creating a new post-divorce relationship

When parents separate and divorce, they end their marital relationship, but they do not end their parenting relationship. The focus changes. The business of parenting becomes the basis of the new partnership.

The Importance of Divorce Coaching

Many people benefit from working with a divorce coach during the difficult process of separating and divorcing.

What's the "right" Parenting schedule?

When couples split up, everyone wants to know what's the "right" parenting schedule. The answer is simple, there isn't one!

Parenting Styles After Divorce

Many parents have anxiety that they have different parenting styles and that will adversely affect their children after divorce.


Making compromises are not always easy, but often necessary in long term relationships. Sometimes they are fair and someimes they are not.

What's Good Enough ?

19 February, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
The concept of "good enough" is an interesting one. As a positive person I have always been a believer that life isn't perfect, and that's ok.


15 January, 2014 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
As parents, as spouses or as friends, we all make mistakes sometime. But how do we deal with the mistakes we make?

Divorced at the Holidays

Holidays can be very stressful as well as fun, and being divorced adds a whole different dimention.


Effective Communication

06 November, 2013 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
Effective communication is imperative for any and all relationships whether couples are together and want to strengthen their bonds or if they are apart and want to deal with thier children in postivie ways.

Making Commitments

10 October, 2013 Barbara Rothberg Relationships
Making commitments in relationships and striving to fulfill them create a solid foundation for longevity. Many couples make commitments, but many don't follow through with them.


Shared parenting can take many forms and as long as a couple gets along reasonably well, it is optimal for children.

Post Divorce Parenting

Post divorce parenting is difficult, but can be done successfully with some structure, cooperation and determination. There are a few important keys to success.


It's a difficult question with a difficult answer. People are attracted to one another for lots of reasons, some of which are unconscious. Falling in love is a crazy process.


What is the value of divorce coaching? How is it different from therapy and why would I need it?


The biggest anxiety for parents getting a divorce is whether the kids will be all right. But will they? And what can parents do to help them be all right?

There are actually many things that parents can do.


Getting divorced is one of the most difficult experiences people can have in life. On the stress scales, it's right up there with death. And the hardest part is telling your children.


Parenting. It's the most natural thing in the world... Its been going on for centuries. But oh, it is such a hard thing to do "right"...