Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW

Therapy, Coaching, Mediation and Parent Coordination


Child Specialist

For most parents, the hardest issue in the divorce is dealing with their children. Some children deal better than others. The ones that deal the best are those where both parents are loving and understanding with their kids and do not put them in the middle. Parents need to realize that even though they are divorcing as spouses, they never divorce as parents. They will forever be in some kind of relationship, so the goal is to make it a good one.

As a child specialist, Barbara helps parents develop their narrative, explaining the divorce to their children. They work on anticipating their children’s reactions and strategize how they will respond. They work on developing a parenting plan that fits their lifestyle. There is no “right” parenting plan, as every family has different needs. Parent’s work schedules, children’s ages, their school and activities need to be taken into consideration. Vacations, holidays and extended family issues need to be factored in.

Barbara meets with children when necessary, and uses their input to help parents deal with issues and make important decisions. She helps parents and children deal with painful feelings and facilitates communication between them. Barbara assists parents in structuring their new relationship and resolve issues in their differing parenting styles.