Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW

Therapy, Coaching, Mediation and Parent Coordination



Mediation is a non-adversarial process of conflict resolution.

When working as a mediator, Barbara functions as an impartial facilitator, a neutral person, to assist partners in reaching a mutually satisfying agreement. This process is based on openness and full disclosure to promote the best possible outcomes for both parties. This is a transparent process, where partners are encouraged to be honest and involves the participants solving their own problems. Through facilitated discussions, parties talk about their interests, and help each other understand what is most important to them and why. Then they generate all the possible options and get to the best possible solutions to the problems. The goal is to resolve conflicts in the most amiable way possible. It is not about winning, but rather arriving at a fair and equitable settlement.

When Barbara works with a couple in divorce mediation, she advises that each person consult with an attorney who will be their review attorney at the conclusion of the process. This ensures that each person has representation. In addition, if financial matters are complicated, a financial neutral is suggested to advise the couple on the best possible strategies to separate their funds considering the tax consequences. Mediation is not for everyone, but it is a viable choice for the dissolution of a relationship/marriage for many people.

Elder Mediation is a specialty in which Barbara has training. It is a process to assist families to make decisions for their aging members. Dealing with an elderly parent who is losing memory or no longer can care for him or herself can cause enormous emotional strains. In many families, care giving for an elderly member is fraught with conflict amongst the younger family members. People have differing views of the best ways to be helpful and sometimes assistance of a mediator can be beneficial. Issues can involve home care options, living arrangements, finances, family communication etc. In elder mediation, each family member has the opportunity to participate in the process both with and without the family member in question. Each person’s interests are discussed, options are generated and solutions are sought. Communication is facilitated and decision making is the goal, balancing the needs of all the members. Barbara seeks to bring families together during these stressful times.