Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW

Therapy, Coaching, Mediation and Parent Coordination


Parent Coordination

Parent coordination is a service for separated and divorced parents to assist them in co-parenting their children. Oftentimes couples enter into PC voluntarily as they know they need help in communicating and resolving issues about their kids. Sometimes, PC is court ordered, as a judge sends couples to PC in an attempt to help them work out differences in an amiable way. The goal is for parents to be able to work together effectively as co-parents in a bi-nuclear family.

Divorce is a difficult process, and anger and animosity are common. In parent coordination, Barbara works on helping couples separate their spousal relationship from their parental one, as the parental relationship lives on, when the spousal relationship has dissolved. The relationship changes focus and becomes a “business relationship” to work together on the business of co-parenting. We aim to keep people out of court and help them arrive at mutually satisfying decisions together.

Research on divorce tells us that children of divorced families can grow up well and happy and are resilient. But the key elements are that they experience little parental conflict and are not put in the middle. The process of parent coordination works on these issues. Barbara educates the parents on important developmental issues, works to establish rules that the parents can live with and helps them disengage from their negative behavior and establish new patterns.

Each situation is different and work with each set of parents reflects those differences. Sometimes there are individual meetings along with the joint meetings. Sometimes children are brought into the conversation to understand their perspectives and help them deal more effectively with their situation. Other times, significant others are invited in to clarify issues and establish appropriate boundaries. The frequency of meetings is based on the needs of each family.