Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW

Therapy, Coaching and Mediation


For more than thirty years, Barbara has specialized in helping clients resolve conflicts and navigate transitions in their lives. She works primarily with couples. She strives to help struggling committed couples to understand each other and develop compassion for their differences and work through their issues. If couples have already made a decision to separate, she helps them do so with dignity and respect.

As a Couple and Family therapist, she helps people through emotional challenges. Being part of a couple is both the most natural and often most difficult relationship that a person can have. We give our partners our best and our worst and when dynamics get difficult, couples need help. 

Issues between parents and children also erupt frequently and relationships become stuck, especially with adult children and their parents. Barbara works with intergenerational relationships to mend the bonds that have been ruptured.

As a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist, she helps create customized solutions in a respectful manner, emphasizing the best interests of the child. She counsels parents on different aspects of parenting plans, helping them develop the best one for their situation and needs. As a coach, she supports the parents with the emotional issues of the divorce.

As a Mediator, she functions as a neutral and uses her skills to assist each person in being heard and understood, enabling them to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement. She helps each party express their interests and to develop options which can lead to potitive solutions.



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