The last few months have been very hard for most of us. Some people have gotten quite sick. Others have been able to avoid sickness but are riddled with anxiety. There are, however, some silver linings.

Now that we’re learning to navigate the pandemic, many people are beginning to see the silver linings. We’ve been staying home more and deprived of our regular activities but finding a way to balance our lives. Here are some of the silver linings that people have shared with me:

– I get to see my children so much more

– I know where my children are all the time

– I’m playing ganes with my kids

– Since I’m not commuting to work, I have time to cook

– I’m baking cookies with my children

– I’m reading more and relaxing more

– I have more time for my hobbies

– I have more time for exercise

– I’m connecting with old friends on zoom and facetime

– I’m taking more walks and slowing down

– I don’t have to go outside when its cold and raining

Since we have absolutely no choice about spending more time home, especially as the weather is getting cooler and outdoor activities will be curtailed, it will be helpful to enjoy what we can when we’re home. Attitude is very important and helps us maintain a positive outlook and to be grateful for what we have. As adults, we set the tone for our children and if we model a positive attitude it will go a long way. It also feels better than complaining about what we cannot do. In times like this, little things can be important and helpful to remember. For example, this morning it was pouring outside. The rain was so intense and I felt lucky that I did not have to go outside and travel to work and merely had to sit down at my computer!