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Language Matters

Words are important. The language you use when speaking to your ex can make or break a conversation. The major way people communicate is through words. Language matters. There is a language of love and a language of anger. Specific words can make or break a conversation. There are angry and aggressive words and sweet and compassionate ones. There are neutral words that seek informations and ask questions. People react to the words that they hear. And sometimes, even benign words can be triggers for a person based on their history, and couples know each others' triggers. Couples who are [...]

Getting Along as Co-Parents

It's a tall order to ask parents who are divorced to get along as co-parents, but it's possible. And sometimes, it's even easier than when the couple was married. The stress of a divorce is tremendous. It is one of the biggest life stresses and of course effects co-parenting. But frequently, after the divorce is completed, a new normal is established and co-parenting can be easier than before. The parents can work on developing a new "business" relationship and hopefully let go of some of the anger from their spousal relationship. It is helpful if a few simple rules are [...]

The Importance of the Other Mother

When two women have a child together, there is often the question of who is the "real" mother and who is the "other" mother. In families where there are two mothers, it is important to understand that they are both equal parents, regardless of who gave birth to the child. Of course, carrying a child for nine months is a bonding process and the woman who gives birth feels very connected to her child. But if it is a good relationship between the women, the non-biological partner also feels a connection as she, too, has gone through the process. Once [...]

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