Now that life is returning to normal, what are the next steps for a happy, healthy and productive summer and fall.

While we are all relieved that the Covid crisis is now more in control, it is still not over. Some people are not vaccinated and children are still not eligible for the shots. But the fact that so many of us have had both shots, there is a tremendous sense of relief. People are gathering together and visiting and spending time indoors. And although we still need to be careful and aware as Covid has not gone away, we can relax and expand our lives. It is, however, imperative to be aware of the Delta variant and any new things that develop and be cautious as we hope not to have to return to a lockdown as we have previously experienced. The CDC is constantly offereing updates and recommendations for us to follow.

An important question is what have we learned from the last year and a half? What new habits have we established and want to maintain? What are we happy to let go of and not retain? We’re all tired of wearing masks but from what I have read, they were effective. Someone recently told me she was now more comfortable with a mask on when she was out, as she felt protected. Everyone’s own views need to be respected.

This is a new season and a time to reflect on the past year and make conscious decisions about our lives. Many people have been content with less social contact, more time for themselves and a slower pace of life. Others are itching to expand their lives and go out and experience things they were prevented from doing during the past year. There is no right and wrong. This is a time to reflect and make decisions about how to live your life.

Many people have excercised more, by taking long walks, or bike rides or doing excercise routines directed by video. Should this be continued? What was good about it? Most of us have worked primarily at home. There are pros and cons about that, but I’m hearing that many people want to maintain some hybrid method of working in the future as being home more has had some advantages. This is a good time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t and make conscious choices to imporve your life. While the pandemic was certainly a crisis for everyone, it is helpful to acknowledge the silver linings and make positive changes.